What it REALLY Takes to Launch [Video Case Study]

Autumn 2017 has been filled with exciting adventures for me, meeting cool new people, learning new tricks to make funnels and ads even MORE profitable, and exploring this awesome big world we live in. Back in January, travel and adventure featured highly on my vision board for 2017 and I’m so happy to look back on the year so far and feel like I’ve achieved a lot of my goals – including travel and fun! So what exactly did I learn on my travels?

First I travelled to San Diego to attend a mastermind event with my mentor and teacher Frank Kern and learn more about funnels, conversion optimisation and better copy. Copywriting is a major skill to have to make your online business tick. I’m no master at that (yet!) but looking back over the history of my blog posts I can certainly see I’ve improved a lot in my style, structure and the messages I’ve started to share over the years. Blogging – even though you might feel it’s a lot of work and often feels like no return – is a good tool to keep you writing craft consistent and accountable. Something on my goals list for 2018 to do more of!

Frank’s events are always insightful, practical and full of great advice that you can take and implement almost immediately 🙂 I got to talk to him personally about one of my client’s funnels and get his feedback!

Oh and it was my birthday weekend too – so I got to celebrate with a dinner right on the beachfront in Del Mar watching the sun disappear behind the ocean’s horizon!

With my mentor, Frank Kern.

Then I went to Los Angeles for the Content & Commerce Summit, where it was all about cross-channel marketing and advertising, and leveraging new ways to grow an online business in today’s competitive marketplace.

Recurring revenue makes your business up to 5x more valuable to investors (hello – membership sites and monthly subscriptions!) while ignoring retargeting your leads on channels other than Facebook means you are leaving a lot of money on the table!

Then I flew across to North Carolina for a mastermind Multiply Live event where I got to be on stage and speak about high-converting ads and funnels for launches! I thoroughly enjoyed my time speaking and presenting and the feedback I got back from attendees was really positive too. So speaking is firmly on my vision board for 2018! If you or someone you know is planning an event for small business owners and entrepreneurs – and needs a speaker about Facebook Ads and funnels – hit me up with the details 🙂

Finally, I went back to the west coast to Santa Barbara where I got Ontraport certified and attended the Ontrapalooza conference.

I’ve got an official badge, some secret deals up my sleeve and if working with someone who is certified matters to you – well, now I am!

So if you are thinking of moving your business from dozens of separate glued-together systems to a seamless integrated platform, book a time to chat to me about your project.


Stunning Santa Barbara

Stunning Santa Barbara


Why am I telling you this?

First of all, learning is important and personally, I invest a lot in continuous self-improvement to upgrade my skills and knowledge. Marketing doesn’t stand still and what’s working changes all the time.

Now you might not want to learn as much about marketing because at the end of the day your business probably isn’t about marketing at all!

But if you are hiring someone to help you with marketing and/or advertising check that they take their education seriously and aren’t trying to push you “old news” advice and strategies.

Secondly… when your business works well you can afford more for yourself and your family. More travel, more freedom, more learning, more fun.

And this is what my client Patricia found in her own business to be true too.

We worked earlier this year on her online programme launch and in this new video case study she shares exactly how she prepared her business to be launch-ready, why your mindset is so important during launching and how a successful launch can have a wider impact on your business.

Click here to watch the case study

And you can check out Patricia‘s free Guide on How to Accelerate Your Business by Creating a Powerful Environment.

What will your business be like if you had a successful launch like this? What ripple effect will it create?

Hit the comments and tell me your Big Hairy-Scary Goals 🙂

To your success and all dreams coming true!

Tamara x

P.S. Remember to watch the case study here. It’s only 11min and you’ll get a few solid insights on what it really takes to have a successful launch…

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