Video Marketing Tips and Strategy

You’ve heard from me and other marketing experts that it’s crucial to your business success to be building your email list. And when you use list building as a marketing system – there are some metrics you need to track, to work out whether it’s actually successful or not. One of the list building metrics you could look at is “Daily Opt-ins” – e.g. how many people sign up for your list each day (you can easily track with Google Analytics).  However, without planning how to convert those opt-ins into paying customers, list building is just a collector’s hobby, similar to those who go to networking events to collect business cards and to never follow up with those contacts again.

Here are some video marketing tips on how you can use video (and YouTube) to convert those on your email list into actual customers and clients, a marketing activity that will generate income for your small business!

YouTube Channel

  1. Plan (and action) to upload at least one video each week as part of your blogging routine.
  2. Include a “Call to Action” in each video to inform viewers what you want them to do next.  Use either an external link annotation or a link in the description (or both) to inspire viewers to become customers.
  3. Your goal is to move viewers from YouTube Channel to your business website.

YouTube Commercials* Tip

*not TV commercials – or even regular YouTube paid ads – kind!

  1. At the end of your every YouTube video add a short commercial with specific call to action – about your business or your products.
  2. Create a short script about you and what you do, set up a creative and engaging video – you can use a presentation video or an animation video with shorts clips of you talking to the camera. You can hire someone via Elance or Fiverr to edit your clip to make it look professional (especially if you are not very tech-savvy or deem yourself creative!)
  3. Your goal is to re-introduce yourself to your audience and encourage them to take your desired action.


Facebook Video Marketing

  1. Facebook has always been a social media tool that’s very visual – so images and video tend to work really well. Most viral posts that are widely shared are photos and videos. The best way to share video on Facebook is to actually load it on Facebook – not via YouTube. This then gives you an extra feature – bold text for video title which can be your call to action.
  2. Plan to make short, interesting and engaging video clips for your Facebook business page. Make sure that your videos contain a very specific “call to action” – fill out a form, register a free webinar, or click on a link to visit your site.  
  3. You can also ask your friends to share the video with their friends – so your CTA could be “like this page to get similar great tips and updates or, if you are a fan already, share this video with your friends so that they can be in the know too!”.
  4. Your goal is to engage your fans in a new way and reach non-fans by getting your existing fans to share your videos.

Squeeze Page Video Tips

  1. There are many online tools to help you set up squeeze pages for your offers, webinars and downloads: check out LeadPages, UnBounce, InfusionSoft, OptimizePress as just some examples.
  2. Use video on your squeeze pages will increase conversion rate (the number of signups or opt-ins you get vs the number of new visitors of this page).  James Wedmore suggests the following formula to follow, when creating your squeeze page video (and this formula has been widely adopted by other marketing experts worldwide!):


  • Who are you? Hello! It’s Tamara Baranova here, your digital marketing strategist.
  • What do you have? You know you need to build your email list right? But which tool should you use: Aweber, MailChimp, InfusionSoft – there are so many choices! That’s why I’ve created this free Report on “How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Tool for Your Coaching Business” that you can get access to right now!
  • What can it do for your viewer? After reading this report you will gain clarity which tool you need to use in your business, you will stop worrying if you are making the right decision, you will know exactly what you need to do to make the most of email marketing (and so on).
  • How can they get it now? You can get this report now – simply enter your details below this video to get immediate access.


You goal is to present the benefits of opting in to your email list in a concise and easy to understand manner, saving your visitors reading through pages of text (you can still add text to squeeze pages for those visitors who prefer to read the copy, rather than watch a clip).

Free Video Give-aways

For now at least, video still has a higher perceived value than other forms of opt-in offers. So the tip is to use videos as a way to grow your email list or as free webinars and their recordings.

  1. Create downloadable and free to watch videos that narrate your best tips and advice you would give to clients: a combination of content and call to action is a proven way to get your viewers to take action.
  2. You can use vimeo (paid accounts) or wistia with simple setup, or Amazon S3 which requires more complex settings, instead of just YouTube. Although YouTube is free, you wouldn’t want your private, subscription-only, videos to be publicly available for everyone to watch, thus avoiding joining your list.
  3. Your goal is to create quality, useful content for your subscribers – which will have calls to action to get in touch with you to find out more, to get  a quote or  to purchase.

Lastly, remember that any video used as part of your marketing strategy should:

  1. Contain awesome content that will add value to those who watched it.
  2. Have a call to action to “subscribe” on your channel, or opt-in for your email list (or both!).
  3. Ask the viewer to engage with your video – share it with friends on social media, comment, like or give thumbs up. Especially with YouTube, the more engaged your viewers are on the channel, the more likely YouTube is to show your videos higher in the search to get you new free viewers.

Action for you

Share this post with your friends and let me know in comments below which ONE TIP you think is the most useful for your business that you will implement this month. And if you don’t plan to use video marketing at all – let me know why as well!

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