VIDEO: How to Integrate LeadPages with WebinarJam

VIDEO: How to Integrate LeadPages with WebinarJam

Many online business owners use LeadPages tool to create landing pages to promote their offers. And if you want to use WebinarJam (or WebinarJam Studio) to run webinars you don’t have a pre-built integration between the two systems at the moment. What can you do? Read this post to find out how to integrate LeadPages with WebinarJam.

If you’ve attended my recent webinar on creating and using landing pages – you would know that landing pages help you achieve a higher conversion rate for your offers, rather than using a normal page on your website. Landing pages don’t have all the distraction a website has – like on this website there’s the menu at the top, sidebar with widgets and links, footer with more links and information – all of this can direct your visitor away from the primary goal on your web page – to sign up for the offer you have available.

When you are promoting a webinar – effectively you need to have a landing page too telling your visitors about why they need to sign up to attend, how to do it, when the webinar will happen.

There are several ways you can create those landing pages:

  • Use WebinarJam pre-designed templates – personally I find them quite unappealing and limited with customisation. In my testing for one of the webinars the conversion rate was worse too (65% usual vs 32% with WebinarJam template).
  • Use LeadPages software – this option give you a lot more customisation options compared to WebinarJam but is still relatively simple to set up. You don’t need any special coding or design skills in order to create landing pages with LeadPages.
  • Use a premium WordPress theme – themes like OptimizePress, Profit Builder, InstBuilder allow you to create landing pages directly on your WordPress website. With this option you firstly and obviously need to have a WordPress site, and secondly – be enough tech-savvy to create landing pages on your own.

The problem with LeadPages at the moment is that it doesn’t integrate with any other webinar software except GoToWebinar.

Again from my personal experience I find WebinarJam offers superior functionality and user experience, at a fraction of the cost. So in my business I decided to use WebinarJam in order to run regular VMA webinars.

How to integrate LeadPages and WebinarJam:

The video below walks you step by step how to create this integration through your email marketing system and It’s not difficult to set up – just follow the instructions and use the correct “merge tags” when setting it up. This integration will work with most email marketing systems that Zapier can integrate with.

Note that if you have Infusionsoft or Ontraport – you don’t need Zapier add-on and you can create the same functionality from within your application. Feel free to get in touch if you need help setting this up!

Other way you can integrate WebinarJam with LeadPages:

This way is probably simpler to set up, but you will lose access to WebinarJam functionality like statistics and notification emails sent on your behalf. So you will have to create similar reminder emails for your webinar subscribers using your normal email marketing system.

What you will need to do:

  1. Create your LeadPages page linked to email marketing system/list.
  2. Create your webinar in WebinarJam in the usual way. Don’t integrate it with any tracking or email marketing systems.
  3. Go to WebinarJam Dashboard, open Links for your webinar.
  4. Find the link that says “backdoor access to live room”. Copy this link.
  5. In your email marketing system create an autoresponder that will go out immediately once someone joins your webinar list. Tell your subscribers that to attend the webinar they will need to click the link – and add the link from WebinarJam here.
  6. Create additional autoresponders or campaigns to remind subscribers to attend your webinar.
  7. When they click the link and are taken to the webinar room, they will need to provide their name and email address – so you will know who is attending live with you. WebinarJam will only track those who were able to attend live, not everyone who signed up for the webinar.

Over to you…

Which webinar platform do you use? Have you found this tutorial helpful? Let me know in comments below.

And if you know other online business owners who use WebinarJam and LeadPages – share this post with them and help them create a more streamlined, automated business!

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