The Do’s and Dont’s of Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Email List

The Do’s and Dont’s of Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Email List

We continue with learning how using Facebook Ads can help you effectively and cost-efficiently grow your email list and your business. Today I’m sharing with you some common mistakes online business owners make when they first get started with Facebook Ads, so that you can avoid make those in your marketing!

Last week I shared with you 3 case studies of specific examples of how Facebook Ads can be used with different types of offers and the testing process I go through with each campaign. At the end I also shared my top 5 lessons from running Facebook Ads for a long time for myself and my clients.

If you’ve not read that post yet, start by looking at case studies and lesson here.

Today we are continuing by looking at some DOs and DONTs of Facebook Ads when using them to grow your email list.

When running Facebook Ads campaigns, DO these:

1. Test all variables thoroughly.

I mentioned the importance of testing last week. And I will say it again – testing is important! It’s the difference between wasting $100s and getting 100s of extra subscribers. It’s the difference between those who love Facebook Ads and those who claim Facebook marketing just doesn’t work.

2. Use Power Editor.

By using Power Editor you will be able to write longer copy for your ads, customise your campaign a lot more and set up additional tracking. It’s quicker to duplicate ads and ad sets to target multiple audiences or to test different copy/images.

3. Do the research.

Researching your audience is very important. Your clients are not just anyone and everyone on Facebook – you are looking to get 100-200K audience size of the right people who are eager to sign up for your offers. Audience Insights tool will help you identify those people.

4. Don’t forget your fans.

And by this I mean not just actual Facebook fans, but people who visit your website (like you – visiting my site now and reading this post!). People already on your email list. People in your ecommerce system. People who are your LinkedIn connections. And many other sources! Targeting those who know you already will often result in cheaper conversions for your campaign.

5. Use a clean landing page.

Where you are sending traffic off Facebook matters a lot. If your website is slow or is often unresponsive will negatively impact your results. If your landing page is cluttered with too much text, images, links, banners – your conversion rate will be lower, as your visitors will now have so much choice where to click and what to do (other than signing up for your offer!). And if your website doesn’t work well on mobiles will negatively affect mobile users from Facebook – which at the moment seems to be a better source of traffic than targeting desktop users.

And when running Facebook Ads campaign, DON’T do these:

(of course you can try… and test… but from my experience these are bad ideas!)

1. Target too many pages in one Ad Set.

If you bulk together too many pages in one ad set – it will be harder to judge which of those pages is the most effective source of leads for your business. Of course sometimes you have to bulk them up when individually they don’t produce large enough audience. But don’t do this just to save time on running separate ad sets!

INSTEAD: Focus on audiences around 100-250K in size for interest pages. For custom audiences the size can be much smaller and yet more effective. Use Facebook Insight to research your ideal demographic and interest lists to create different ad sets to test.

2. Use the wrong image.

There are several types of guidelines you need to comply with here.

  • Firstly, there is the 20% text rule. And although in some cases I noticed ads are running with clearly more than 20% text, don’t go overboard. If you are clearly over 20% – Facebook can stop your campaign at any time.
  • Secondly, there is the image size. Check Facebook Helpfile to find out the right image dimensions for your type of campaign – they vary based on if you have a promoted post, link campaign, offer or event.
  • Finally, there are Facebook rules to comply on avoiding certain imagery or items in your images, and avoiding Facebook brand items and logos.

INSTEAD: Check the right dimensions. Use Facebook’s Grid Tool to check if your image has less than 20% text.

3. Forget call to action.

C2A is the important part of your ad:

  • in your image (visually pointing to what you want users to do – click the image – without using buttons),
  • in your copy (tell them: register here, click here, order here),
  • C2A button (that you can set up in ad settings),
  • headline (if they don’t read your copy – tell them here too!).

INSTEAD: Tell users in your copy and on the image what they need to do to claim your offer.

4. Look for a one-size solution.

Are you looking for someone to just tell you do this and that and it’ll work? Target these pages, use this exact picture, this exact copy, and spend this money? I’m sorry but no real and authentic marketing expert can tell you this in advance. You will need to do the research for your specific customer base to know who and where to target. You will need to do a lot of testing to nail your copy and images. And with the budget, if you are spending X to get Y conversions now, spending 10X will not necessarily result in 10Y conversions. Why? I’ll share budget strategies with you in a future post, it’s a big topic in itself!

INSTEAD: Do the work to save $$$ ( or £££). Or hire someone genuine who will do the work for you. But if something sounds too good to be true, or too easy, it probably is!

5. Track the wrong metrics.

If you are using Facebook Ads to grow your email list, then this what matters in your campaign – the number of new signups you got (conversions). Page likes are nice, comments and shares are great (and they make your campaign cheaper), but those don’t result in growing your email list.

INSTEAD: Set up your campaign to track conversions and use Conversion Pixel to track the results accurately.

Over to you…

What are your do’s and don’ts for using Facebook Ads? Have you tried running a campaign already? Let me know how it went for you.

And also tell me – what’s the biggest insight from this post that you’ll take away for your business?

Thanks for reading this post and if you liked it (I hope you did as you’ve read all along to here) then please share it with your friends on social media who might be struggling to grow their small business online. And for more digital marketing and online business advice, insights and free training & webinars – sign up for my email list below.

P.S. A small plug – I plan, design, test and optimise Facebook Ads campaigns for small business owners for a living and I LOVE doing this 🙂 So if you’d like some help with getting your campaigns off the ground, feel free to contact me here.

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