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Working with me is the fastest way for you to launch a profitable and purposeful online business. But I get it that not everyone is able to invest at the 1-2-1 level right from the start.

Maybe you are just getting started and are still balancing your 9-5 and 5-9. Maybe you have a family you need to put first. Maybe you are not 100% sure yet that your business idea has legs and will help you achieve financial freedom and success.

Starting small is still an option. Taking a step-by-step, do-it-yourself approach is exactly how I've built my business.

But wasting time on trial-and-error, let's-see-how-this-goes, I'll-read-some-more-blogs approach is a big no-no. You are wasting your potential, your creative business idea, you are preventing your products and services from reaching those who need them!

So why would you even consider this, when you can steal my systems, use my resources, watch over my shoulder to see how to get your marketing working?

And most of my programs and courses are purposefully available at super-affordable prices, to ensure that even if you are marketing your business on a tiny budget, you can STILL benefit from my advice!

Online Courses and Resources

Facebook Ads Blueprint

The Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint

Do you want to use Facebook Ads to sell your products and services? Do you know that you should be using ads to promote your business, but still can't figure out how to actually create your first campaign? Are you looking for a quick step-by-step lesson on how to use Facebook Ads that won't cost you a small fortune?

Facebook Ads don't have to be scary or costly (if you know how to use it). You're about to uncover exactly what it takes to rock it with ads to get more leads and clients. Think about how amazing you'll feel when you finally start running ads and your list starts to fill up with new potential clients!

Get it right the first time without wasting money and start creating Facebook Ads using my proven Blueprint, TODAY!

Sales Funnel Blueprint

Build Your First Profitable Funnel Course

In this course you will learn 100% swipeable strategies that allow my clients and me to consistently bring in new sales and clients - month after month!

If you are tired of feeling stuck and need support with building a profitable online business so that you can see results FASTER, you are in the right place. And with this course - at the penny-pinching price - you can start today without the 5-figure investment in working with me 1-to-1.

I'm sharing the exact strategy I use with my clients to create 6-figure launches and 5-figure monthly income. So you too can implement this for your business and achieve results fast!

Christa Meola

I’ve had a 6 figure launch reaching exactly the right people that belonged in that course. I can’t now imagine doing a launch without you!

I honestly wasn’t sure if we’ve had even ten people, but we had a six figure launch, and I think we reached exactly the people that really belong in that course. I left the targeting in Facebook completely up to your expertise. I just answered your questions, but you put the whole targeting strategy together. If someone is looking for what you do, they would never regret hiring you. I can’t imagine doing the launch without you. You are so solid and precise and on every detail and reliable. And more importantly, you had some expertise and advice; you weren’t just executing and following instructions, you’ve actually created the strategy. I’m excited to work with you again and I want to recommend you highly to everyone else!

Christa Meola Christa Meola Photography
Molly Patrick and Luanne Teoh

If you are looking for someone to help you manage the backend of your business and help take you to the next level, Tamara is your partner.

She is very good at what she does and is always very dependable, ready and calm, even when shit hits the fan! Her methodical, steady and unemotional approach to business is exactly what we needed to help support us and grow our business without having to worry that the backend and systems are falling apart.

Molly Patrick and Luanne Teoh Clean Food Dirty Girl
Rebekah Borucki

Finally I’m able to sit back and let someone else take the reigns with tech!

I’m not someone who usually spends money on tech support, so I was hesitant to hire help for my email – something I’ve been managing on my own since the beginning of my business. It’s only been a couple weeks since I started working with you to switch email providers to Ontraport and update my opt-ins on my website, and I can already see a huge difference in my workflow. I was so impressed with how fast, efficiently, and meticulously my accounts were handled. You thought of aspects of my processes to improve before I even mentioned them. For the first time, I was able to confidently sit back and let someone else take the reigns. I have full trust in your abilities. So much so that I’ve already started recommending you to my closest friends and business colleagues!

Rebekah Borucki BexLife
Chantelle Adams

Tamara is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Infusionsoft!

She was able to teach in a simple way for me to understand, much appreciated. She also pays close attention to detail and was able to carefully transfer all of my existing systems and funnels to Infusionsoft which would have taken me forever.  I’m grateful for her support.

Chantelle Adams Speaking Coach, The Courage Revolution
Danny Johnson

Tamara showed me how to increase my income and automate my business!

I have built a business pretty much figuring out systems as I go and it was time to upgrade. I can honestly say, I was very hesitant before hiring Tamara, because of the cost and thought that maybe I could just “figure it out on my own”. Tamara not only made my migration seamless, she also answered a ton of questions I had, she never once made me feel stupid or was frustrated with my inability to understand. She demonstrated her competency in many areas and even gave me many more ideas to increase my income and created better strategies moving forward with my business. I would recommend her to anyone who doesn’t have the time or talent to learn new systems, but really needs a seamless program to automate their business. She advised some best practices that I didn’t even know that were missing in my business. My only regret is not knowing about Tamara 4 years ago when I started!!

Danny Johnson
Sharon White

Facebook Ads gave my business the exposure it needed and leads!

Thank you Tamara for once again saving me! I am a creative person and my brain loves to create, and I am in my “happy place” when I am there. However as a business owner I need analytics and details in my business, which you do so well. I want to thank you for extracting the information you needed out of my brain and turned it into a language that works in marketing campaigns. Thank you for writing up my Facebook ads and setting them up for me. I would not have been able to do it without you. It has helped get the exposure my business needed as well as getting over 2500 people on my list.

Sharon White Global Healing Exchange Founder

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