Pros and Cons of Using and Choosing A Landing Pages Tool For Your Business

Pros and Cons of Using and Choosing A Landing Pages Tool For Your Business

Fortunately with the growth of online tools and apps you no longer need to learn HTML code to create even a basic website. Website software available today is easy to use (even for non-techies), cheap to buy, quick to implement and suitable to create a whole range of website and landing pages for online coaching and consulting businesses.

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With the growth of advertising marketing experts noticed that the best performing pages to convert traffic into leads are not quite like the rest of the website – through all their testing and tweaking we now know that a landing page will in most cases outperform your normal website page.

And tools and software to create these landing pages followed suit. So now you, a non-techie business owner, can design, create and publish a landing page for a promotion or a lead generation campaign in minutes.

But with all the choice in the marketplace, how can you choose the best tool for your business?

Are there any disadvantages to using a landing page?

And can you make do without a “proper” website all together now, by simply linking your business domain name to a landing page?

Let’s talk about landing pages, pros and cons, and how to choose one for your online business.

Personally I’m a big supporter of using landing pages if you are planning to run advertising campaigns, put together special promotions for your list and social media followers (like competitions or sales), use webinars to promote your business or particular offers.

In all these cases landing pages will have a higher conversion rate than a normal website page (which, like this page, will have menus, footer links, sidebars – too many things going on that can distract website visitor from the primary objective of the landing page, to sign up or buy whatever you are promoting).

When I work with clients 1-2-1 in the Business Launch Accelerator program we build their funnels using landing pages. I also teach about using landing pages, step-by-step, in Virtual Marketing Academy Insider.

What is Landing Page Software?

Landing page software or tool allows you to create stand-alone landing pages for marketing campaigns that can be added to your website or hosted elsewhere on the internet.

Why would you use a Landing Page?

You can use them to build your email list – by promoting opt-in offers, ethical bribes, lead magnets – something valuable for your ideal clients that you give away for free in exchange for contact information.

You can use them to create sales pages, special offer pages, confirmation pages, one-time-offer pages and so on.

You can use them to set up registration pages for events such as webinars or virtual summits with date timers and optin forms.

The premise of using a landing page is that your visitor has just 2 options – to take action (either to buy or sign up) or leave. If your visitor has too many choices, and it’s easier for them to leave, never to return. When you give a simple yes or no choice, it makes the buying decision easier and thus you are more likely to see results from your marketing efforts.

If your website isn’t easy to update or to add new pages to, a separate landing pages tool allows you to quickly create pages for new business campaigns and promotions without having to pay your webmaster to get this done for you.

What Landing Page Tools choices are there?

There are plenty of tools to choose from today. Some are free, some require yearly licensing, some are monthly subscription.

When choosing your landing pages tool you need to consider:

  • will it integrate with other systems and tools that you use (payment systems, email marketing, webinar)?
  • can you add your tracking codes (Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics)?
  • what’s your budget?
  • do you need to make landing pages look as part of your website? if so, how easy is this to do?
  • is it easy for you to customise the look of the page to match your business branding?

My favourite tools to create professional landing pages in minutes are:

In a separate post we’ll talk about pros and cons of these tools against each other. But in this post I’ll focus on pros and cons of generally using landing pages software in your online business.

The Advantages of Using Landing Page Software

1) Quick & Easy

Most landing pages tools will have easy drag-and-drop interfaces to create your pages and a range of pre-designed templates to get you started, so to create an elegant and professional landing page is more of a “fill in the blanks” process than “design and code from scratch”.

2) Specific To Your Goal

Your website is your central marketing hub full of different information. It’s a place where you can share about you and your business, publish your blogs, list all your offerings. Landing pages are specific to the goal of your promotion and why you are driving traffic to that page.

3) Mobile-friendly

Most landing pages tools today will automatically convert your landing page into a mobile-friendly version. With more and more people using their mobiles to find the information or browse social media (where they will see your ads and links), an ability to clearly see your page on their mobiles will help increase the conversion rate.

4) Proven Templates

The company that makes your landing pages tool will be tracking performance of its templates across user accounts. LeadPages allows you to sort their templates by conversion rate so you can see which pages are likely to work better from the outset.

5) Split-test To Get The Best

Some of the tools allow you to create multiple version of the same landing page and then test them against each other to see which one will convert more visitors into leads or buyers. LeadPages – one of my favourite tools – will automatically show different versions and track all analytics so you will be able to clearly see which page is the best.

The Disadvantages of Using Landing Page Software

1) Costs

If you are going to sign up for a paid option to create landing pages costs can quickly add up, especially if you are not using your landing pages on a regular basis. Some tools cost more than others – but they will give you even more functionality and features. But always consider carefully – do you actually need all the bells and whistles?

2) Hard To Cancel

With some tools if you sign up for a year (or more) in advance and decide to cancel you won’t get your money back, so before you commit to a long-term contract try the tool thoroughly and make sure it’s the right investment for your business. But with all tools – if you cancel your account you’ll lose all your pages, all data, all content. And this can make it even harder to cancel than money alone.

3) SEO Losses

As your landing pages are not part of your main website (even if you make them look like part of your site by using a WordPress plugin) you won’t get the same SEO benefits from traffic hitting your landing pages as you would with your website. This isn’t always a bad thing and depends on how much you rely on SEO and organic search ranking to get clients. But it’s worth considering how your SEO ranking could be impacted by directing all traffic away from your site.

4) Getting Along With Facebook

Facebook might disapprove your campaign if your landing page doesn’t have any links to your main website so doesn’t look like a reputable business. All you need to fix this usually though is add 2-3 links at the bottom of the page, such as “Main Website”, “Terms & Conditions”, “Contact Us”, pointing back to pages on your main business website. There used to be advice about that you could only run Facebook Ads to a LeadPages page if it was on your website – but in the last 6 months I’ve had no problem with getting campaigns approved that were pointing to a LeadPages URL.

Over to you…

If you have any more pros or cons to add, please leave them below in the comments.

And if you have any questions or recommendations for other landing pages software for me to review – let me know as well.

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