The Power of Masterminds & VIP Intensives

The Power of Materminds & VIP Intensives

Here is a story of the fantastic mastermind event I went to a few weeks ago in Ireland with Sarah Leather.

I loved meeting my biz besties in person, chatting about visibility, money, relationships, limiting beliefs, and what’s been really holding me back all these year (hint – it’s nothing to do with business or what I know).

It was also gloriously FUN. We had a sumptuous Thai getting-together meal. We spent 3 nights in a beautifully restored country house that’s both full of original features and equipped with all mod-con.

dunowen-house  dunowen-house-lounge

We had a group VIP day with laser-coaching sessions focussing on our “thing” – what are we so good at, that our work will just (almost) speak for itself? What’s our zone of genius?

I came back inspired and happy. And ever since in my mindful moments I’m observing changes inside. It’s slow but sure. Every day I’m creating more and more cracks in barriers I’ve put around me. Every day I’m making progress on my goals, on work that matters for my business.

mastermind meeting and fun  mastermind group support

There is this saying – busyness vs business.

I’ve spent a lot of time being busy: clients, projects, social media marketing, admin, systems, hiring. And not enough time on the business. It’s changing now for sure.

For example, both of my main marketing funnels are live. Yes they are not perfect yet and will need more tweaking and improving. But they are live – and I know I’m not stopping here.

Next week my new website is going live. Well overdue by like a year!! But now it just got done. So keep an eye out for an announcement and a virtual party 🙂

I’ve felt a certain change in my sales calls. I’m not shying away where I can help. I’m not keeping myself small to keep struggling. If I can help you now – I will tell you as it is.

And I have a request for you now.

If you are wondering how coaching could be useful for you – find a great coach and give it a go. We all have masses of shizz from childhoods, families, negative experiences we’ve lived through.

All this leaves a mark on you, even if you think you’ve managed to overcome it. Some scars run deep, and surface healing just masks what’s going on inside you.

I’ve never been woo or spiritual. But the more I’m learning about it (partly because of my own interest and partly just by working with clients who do this work) the more I see connections in my own life, business, relationships, results to date.

I’m not planning on learning any of this myself in order to combine mindset work, or coaching, or energy work – with marketing. My contribution to this world will still be very practical, pragmatic and structured (typical Virgo here).

But I know the way for my own healing now. And I can sign-post the way for my clients too if/when they need something more than just a strategy or marketing systems. And of course I have my amaze-ball mastermind girls who I will keep referring because after 9 months together I know fully and truly how great they are (even if they wider world doesn’t know yet).

I’ll be certainly going on more retreats and mastermind events like this. The transformation has been phenomenally sensory. Like some people would say that energy stuff, or mindset, or coaching is all fluff and unproven. Well from my experience I’ve got tonnes of tangible results to show for it, in just 2 weeks!

And if you are a great coach – group experiences, events and masterminds are a leveraged way for you to work with many people at once (and it doesn’t compromise the experience for people, or makes it any less – trust me!). So maybe 2016 is the year for you to get started too. 😉

I hope you will consider my request – get coaching if you aren’t as successful as you once dreamed about. And/or put your own coaching out there in the world if you have the gift to help people who need you.

Until next week – when I’m unveiling the all new me (and my site of course)!

xx Tamara

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