People Don’t Buy WHAT You Do… Here’s Why!

People don't buy WHAT you do... here's why!

I first heard this concept a few years ago somewhere on social media. And after the research I found the TED talk where Simon Sinek walks you through this model.

People don’t buy what you do… they buy why you do it.

I strongly recommend you watch it this bank holiday Easter weekend, it’s not long but has the potential to turn around your thinking about business and marketing!

This idea “the golden circle” applies not just to you as a leader and why you can inspire people in your company to be more motivated, more innovative, more customer-focussed.

It also applies to you as a business owner and your customers, and how you can inspire them to buy from you, stay loyal to you, rave about you to their friends, support your business through any troubled times.

It’s not WHAT you do: coaching, training, fitness, making computers, providing healing sessions, providing nutrition advice, making jewellery or clothes.

It’s not HOW you do it: by having more experience in the area, by using a new whizz-bang onling platform, by having the most qualified staff in your company, or offering the cheapest prices.

It’s WHY you do it: what do you believe? why did you start this business? what change have you set out to make in this world? what are you really passionate about?

So you might be wondering…

Why does it work?

“The goal is not to do business with everyone who needs what you do. The goal is to do business with only those who believe what you believe”.

That’s the distinction between your Ideal Clients and everyone else who needs coaching. Or everyone else who needs a website. Or everyone else who wants a successful online business.

This is also applicable when you are hiring people for your business: many people need a job. But only those who believe in your WHY, in your mission, will become the best employees for your company long-term.

Still sceptical? There is also a solid biological reason why this model works (but I’ll leave you to watch Simon explain it).

So this Easter… I have a task for you.

Look at your marketing at the moment.

Do you lead with WHY or with WHAT? Have you considered your WHY? Are you clear about the distinction for your business?

Hit reply and let me know your WHY, I’d love to know what your mission is in this world!

And if you’d like to know my WHY (and how it’s translated into HOW and WHAT) – have a look at the About Me page on the new site.

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