Online Product Launch: Case Study with Christa Meola

Online Production Launch: Case Study with Christa Meola

I’ve recently worked on a launch project with Christa Meola. The aim was to sell an online photography course teaching newbie photographers how to expand their business by offering boudoir photography as a service. The course was a premium modulated offering with live support and Q&A calls, so we agreed to promote it via live webinars. Here’s what happened during and after the launch 🙂

Video Transcript

I’m Christa Meola, I’m a photographer and entrepreneur. I’ve created an online program called the Online Boudoir Workshop, which teaches photographers how to create a boudoir business that they love.

Why did you decide to re-launch your program?

Because I was getting so many requests for it, and honestly I’d like to offer it once a year, at least, but 2014 I have way too much going on, and I just didn’t have the time to devote to it. So I was excited to do it again, because I also have grown in the past two years, so I had so much more new information and updates that I wanted to share.

How did you go about planning the launch?

Honestly, I don’t love email marketing, I don’t love technology and marketing strategy. I love what I do, and I want to reach out to the best people I possibly can to help me run the whole selling part of it, because that’s not my strength. And then I reached out to get a referral for you, to help me actually execute it because I certainly couldn’t. I’m not an expert in Ontraport or LeadPages, and I don’t really have experience running the campaign, so I asked for referral for someone who’s amazing at that, you were very highly recommended. So basically, I came to you with just a skeleton outline of a plan and you helped me flesh it out. And you actually executed it, I just wrote a copy, so that’s basically the nutshell. I just hire great people and do what they tell me.

What was it like working with Tamara?

You were really great because you are really fast, very quick to respond and I was surprised because there’s such a great time difference, but you were really available, so that was reassuring, because we had never worked together and I didn’t have any experience with you, and we were launching, so I had to rely on you. And you were very reliable, so that was a relief and you actually said, “Don’t worry. You’re with me now. I got this.” I was like, oh okay, good. Whew!

So you handled everything, you made sure everything that needed to get done got done on the deadline, and there are lots of deadlines and there were a lot of changes we had to make, spontaneously as we went, like adding that second webinar. And you were just on top of everything, so it was so reassuring because I really didn’t know what I was doing, and you were just running the show, essentially. So my experience was totally 100% positive.

What was the outcome of hiring Tamara?

I honestly wasn’t sure if we’ve have even ten people, and I would have been happy with ten people, but we had a six figure launch, and I think we got the right people, too. More importantly than in being a successful launch in terms of attendance, I think we reached exactly the people that really belong in that course. And we’re almost done with the course, we’re on our last week, and everybody has been so happy, it’s been such a positive group, they got exactly what they expected and more, and so, that’s even more important.

You really targeted the right people and I left the targeting in Facebook completely up to your expertise. You asked me certain questions like what are these people doing, where else are they going, what pages they are looking at, stuff like that. Basically I just answered your questions, but you put the whole targeting strategy together. So I think I’m really happy with those results, not only the attendance and the revenue brought in, but also the people that you brought in were so amazing. We have 1 person that thinks that they may be in the wrong place out of hundreds, so that was nice.

What was your biggest fear or opportunity during the launch?

I loved the webinars. But I was really afraid, I was so scared that technically something would go wrong and my connection would crap out or I would be online in a different place; like I said, technology and me are not friends, so I was really scared of something going wrong that I didn’t know how to correct. But once we were on and live, it was so much fun; I actually really loved it, and we had to add another one because we sold out that first one. So that’s really exciting and everyone really enjoyed it.

We got such great feedback because usually these things are very salesy, and you did not include fluff; you included such helpful, valuable information. And people would share their screenshots with me and they were taking so many notes, and the most important thing to me actually was that people enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. And then at the tail end I talked about the workshop, which went well, but I was really pleased that everyone got a lot out of that workshop. And they didn’t think it was fluffy, salesy type of thing.

What would you tell someone thinking of working with Tamara?

Just work with you. I mean there’s no question. If you’re on their radar and they are looking for someone who does what you do, they would never regret that decision. I can’t imagine doing the launch without you. Honestly I don’t want to be pushy but there’s nothing to think about, just hire you. If you’re available, yes, book you for sure. No question. I highly, highly, highly recommend it, and if anyone has any questions about it, they can email me, if they want further details, but I couldn’t recommend you higher.

You are so solid and precise and on it; you’re so on every detail and reliable. And more importantly, too, you actually had some expertise, so you’d had advice; you weren’t just like executing something. You weren’t just following instructions, you were actually creating the strategy, because I would ask your feedback, like should we email again about this, or how to do that. There were a few times where I wasn’t sure what to do and you were like: “This is what I would do”. You were very strong with your opinions, but I appreciate it because I didn’t have any experience with that. I’m excited to work with you again and I want to recommend you highly to everyone else but I don’t want you to be too booked for me!

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