Online Product Launch: Case Study with Patricia Lohan

worked with Patricia last year on her Feng Shui Mastery programme launch. In this interview, she shares how she prepared her business to be launch-ready, why a positive mindset is so important, and how a successful launch can have a knock-on ripple effect on your business. Read on for some proven insight into what it takes to have a successful online launch…

Hi there, my name is Patricia Lohan, and I am the creator of an online programme called Feng Shui Mastery, which helps people to Feng Shui their home.


What does it mean to Feng Shui your home?

What it means is harmonising the energies of your home, so that it becomes the most amazing foundation for manifesting and attracting whatever it is that you want in life. Your home may currently be holding you back from drawing and calling in whatever it is that you desire.

I initially created the programme when I moved to Bali a year and a half ago. I created a very basic programme at first and just launched it to my email list, and it went quite well. I had six people buy it the first time, but after a few rounds of running it like that, I decided to increase the personal aspect of the programme. I completely upgraded it, so it was no longer just a beginner’s guide to Feng Shui, but an all-encompassing programme to help people Feng Shui their homes as if they had a Feng Shui Consultant with them, right by their side as they worked through their home.

I re-launched the upgraded programme twice in 2016, again to my current email list, but I didn’t run any Facebook Ads or promotions, I just ran a challenge and a few other things, which resulted in 17 bookings at the most. I knew I had a programme with amazing testimonials, the clients loved it, and I wanted to grow it and reach a bigger audience, but my current audience wasn’t growing much, and I hit a plateau.

What were your launch plans for 2017?

In early 2017, I created a series of training videos to teach people the basics of Feng Shui and offered my programme as an upgrade. Again, I launched it to my email list with my new training videos but once again gained just 17 new clients.

Fast forward to June 2017, and I engaged Tamara to help me grow my email list and get myself and my programme out there. I knew it had enormous potential, but it just wasn’t reaching the audience that I wanted it to. So we re-launched in June, and we welcomed 56 new people to Feng Shui Mastery! It was the biggest launch I’d ever had; it was a massive success, and I’m so grateful to Tamara.

What process did you use to create your video series?

In late 2016, I invested in Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula to help me create a series of training videos, so I could introduce Feng Shui, a topic that I’m passionate about, to the world, but to also help people get started very easily. Then I realised there was even more potential for people to work with me, and that’s why I created the Feng Shui Mastery programme.

I had all the content ready when I engaged Tamara, I knew the feedback was fantastic from the first launch that I did, but I hadn’t maximised on its potential.

What hesitations did you have about working with Tamara?

Obviously, the cost was a big factor because I had never invested so much in working with a strategist before. Also, the fear of spending so much money on Facebook Ads was quite scary, but I knew that Tamara had a proven track record and if I wasn’t going to do it that way, how else was I going to do it?

I needed someone to handle the marketing side of things for me as it bamboozles me and I’m not tech savvy; I just wanted to teach Feng Shui and get my message out there to more people. I love what I’m teaching, but when it comes to sales pages and technical stuff, I just want to stay clear. So I needed someone who could look after all of that, and the Facebook Ads, and know what they’re doing.

What other results have you achieved since working together?

Working with Tamara created a ripple effect for me and my business, we welcomed 56 new people to the programme, which in itself is amazing, but we also grew my email list, and people have now started contacting me for one-to-one VIP Feng Shui Consultations. I now attract two very different types of client: some want to learn Feng Shui in depth on a gradual path; they have obviously read a book about Feng Shui or something and want to learn everything about it. Then there are those who just want me to tell them what to do – they are stuck in their life and want to do something now! So those clients have found me too, and they require my help at a higher price point which is fantastic.

I’ve also been invited to some speaking gigs as a result of having grown my business, and I’m acknowledged as a serious businesswoman. I feel like I’m playing a lot bigger role than I would have been if I hadn’t engaged Tamara.

What did you like best about working with Tamara?

I liked the fact that every time I sent Tamara an email, I always got a response; she had a solution for everything. If something went wrong, she just came up with a solution, and we could move forward. Also, when I saw the Facebook Ads she created, I’d be like “Wow they’re amazing!” I would never have been able to do that myself.

I would recommend Tamara’s services to people who have a product or service that they believe in and that they want to get out to a bigger audience.

I love the fact that Tamara is always up-levelling and learning and implementing different techniques into your launch process. That just makes it better for me because I can’t keep on top of the next best online thing to get my message out there, but Tamara does just that.

What’s the most important thing people should know about launching?

You have to be persistent, and you have to believe in what you are putting out there. I think that one of the biggest things for me with my programme is that I started out small, got great testimonials and results, then I did it again. When you get positive feedback, it gives you more energy to keep growing. I would definitely be an advocate for incremental growth. It gives you the opportunity to iron out any technical stuff or any issues that you have in teaching the programme and getting it out there.

I would also recommend that you are really clear on who you serve and question all the people who join your programme so that you can then target future Ads even better. Working with Tamara is even more effective when you have feedback from your previous clients.

What skillset do you need to have as a business owner to have a successful launch?

Bravery, you need to be very courageous. First of all, to have a successful launch, you have to have a programme that you believe in, which has proven results. I think that before you do anything, it’s so important to know that you have something that is worthwhile and that’s going to benefit people. When it comes to launching, you need a sense of belief and self-care and making sure that you show up and trust the process.

You know, I listened to a really amazing speaker the other day talking about launching, and the different buyer behaviours. One of the things she talked about was the zone in the middle, which she called the ‘suicide zone’, where you make sales at the very beginning, and then there’s like zero, one, two, three, sales, and it’s quite slow. Then at the end, there’s a big push. Rather than getting fearful and nervous, it’s about working with the process, showing up, being yourself and knowing that if you have something worthwhile, that’s going to help people make a difference to their lives or their businesses – that you are required, that you must do this. You have to step up and just do it.

What’s next for your business after this launch?

We’re building a house in Amed by the sea, that’s the plan. And I’m going to produce a book, so I’m going to be working with a writer to write my book and get that launched to reach an even bigger market, so people will hear about my story and understand my love of Feng Shui.

I’m also looking forward to creating a whole new funnel for my Feng Shui programme. One of the things I’ve realised is that I have a huge passion for working with female entrepreneurs, and I know how effective Feng Shui is for them. But they don’t… They don’t realise that if they Feng Shui their home, their business could improve and they could have a happier family balanced life.

So that’s the plan, my new book and a Feng Shui Foundation programme to help female entrepreneurs energise their homes. Many of us work from home, and by energising that space, we can attract more abundance, more clients, and get our message out into the world.

Where can people find you?

If anyone wants to know more about Feng Shui, they can find me at I’m working on my website to put my message out to female entrepreneurs but also to anyone interested in Feng Shui.

Final thoughts…

If you’re a female entrepreneur and you want to get your message out, definitely look at hiring Tamara or someone like Tamara to support you. Sometimes we can get so bamboozled in the technical, trying to learn how to do everything, and we don’t need to know how to do everything. We just need to surround ourselves with the right people. When you surround yourself with the right people that know how to do their stuff, then you can shine and get your message out there even further.


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