Why You'd Choose To Work With Me...

I’m not a marketing coach - I’m a online business strategist. I will tell you exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, instead of waiting for you to come up with answers from within. Or I can also do it for you!

I'm brilliant at what I do - according to over 100 clients I've worked with over the years. If you take my advice and implement what we agree, you will see the results for yourself too.

I know what works and what doesn’t work with launching and promoting a business online, so you don’t have to waste time and money figuring it all out by yourself.

I don’t just do or specialise in one thing or one service. My USP is helping you launch a profitable online business selling information products, online group programs, membership sites, or other digital products. Building an online business like that requires proven strategy, right technology, and timely execution.

I will fast-track your business to online success, I'm not a newbie fresh out of some "digital marketing course". Since 2007 I've worked with many business owners like you, and prior to that I've built a high-flying corporate career managing IT project up to £500K in budget.

I love what I do. My business is a big part of my life and I don't need a holiday from "work". I will help you build a business that you are just as passionate about and are proud of.

I don't work with everybody. Your business needs to offer a valuable service or product, be authentic, and be excellent at what you do.

With this in mind... Are you committed to do what it takes to stop trading time for money, to launch your business online, to sell your services and knowledge to global audience? Are you ready to grow a hugely profitable and purposeful online business, FAST? Then let’s talk - apply for your complimentary Discovery Session.

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Done-For-You Packages

fast-track launch

Are you ready to take your business to the next level, fast? Does thinking about tools, integrations and all the marketing tech make you feel sick and like you are ready to give up now?

Do you feel like you've wasted enough time trying to figure it out on your own?

Then Done-For-You Marketing Support will accelerate your launch and get you to your dreams quickly!

Packages cover: online product and course launches, Facebook marketing campaigns, "Online Business Launch Accelerator" program. Click the links below to find out more.

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Done-With-You Packages

Are you happy to do your own marketing, but need some guidance, training and accountability on a regular basis? Would you like an expert to give you personal feedback on your campaigns, copy, ideas, marketing materials?

Then Done-With-You Marketing Support will help you achieve your goals, without the investment of outsourcing it all completely.

Support options currently available are ongoing marketing mentoring and consulting, in-house workshops and training, VMA Insider membership, and online group programmes (coming soon). Click the links below to find out more.

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One-Off Strategy Sessions & Intensives

VIP Days

Are you confident with your marketing and business goals except one area (i.e. SEO, Facebook Ads, PPC)? Are you a strong implementer once you have a clear plan in place with a step-by-step breakdown of what you need to create, why, when and how it all fits together?

If you don't need ongoing support, just a one-off intervention to put your business on the right track, then these VIP Strategy Days will help you get the clarity you need.

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Christa Meola

I’ve had a 6 figure launch reaching exactly the right people that belonged in that course. I can’t now imagine doing a launch without you!

I honestly wasn’t sure if we’ve had even ten people, but we had a six figure launch, and I think we reached exactly the people that really belong in that course. I left the targeting in Facebook completely up to your expertise. I just answered your questions, but you put the whole targeting strategy together. If someone is looking for what you do, they would never regret hiring you. I can’t imagine doing the launch without you. You are so solid and precise and on every detail and reliable. And more importantly, you had some expertise and advice; you weren’t just executing and following instructions, you’ve actually created the strategy. I’m excited to work with you again and I want to recommend you highly to everyone else!

Christa Meola Christa Meola Photography
Patricia Lohan

I’ve had massively successful launches thanks to Tamara which created the ripple effect for my business allowing me to play a lot bigger role than I would have been if I hadn’t engaged Tamara.

Working with Tamara I’ve was the biggest launch ever (hitting over 6 figures in 2017); it was a massive success! I’m so grateful for the ripple effect this created: my list and audience has grown, I’ve got VIP clients, I’ve been invited to speak at premium events and conferences. I liked the fact that every time I sent Tamara an email, I always got a response; she had a solution for everything. If something went wrong, she just came up with a solution, and we could move forward. Also, when I saw the Facebook Ads she created, I’d be like “Wow they’re amazing!” I would never have been able to do that myself.

Patricia Lohan Feng Shui Mastery Programme / Feng Shui Expert
Rachel Rodgers

I have a secret weapon, her name is Tamara.

She is amazing and has helped me to refine my webinar, marketing funnel & Facebook ad strategies recently. With Tamara’s refinement of what I already had (and her brilliant, strategic ads), we made $130k from 2 webinars in 30 days. I especially love that Tamara runs tons of ads in the beginning and quickly tests and refines them to find the ones that provide the greatest return on investment. I don’t know how she does it but Tamara appears to be watching the ads 24/7, possibly even in her sleep. 😉 Lastly, Tamara always provides me with a solid report that really helps me to understand the investment I’ve made, the returns I received and how I can continue to benefit from the ads long after they are turned off. I have recommended Tamara to my clients and friends. She’s the best!

Rachel Rodgers Rodgers Collective LLP
Janice Tucker

Tamara’s support is my safety net for when I need online business help, without the need to stress about it!

Since working with Tamara my membership site is up and running, drip feeding content to members smoothly by the week. I have paying subscribers who are delighted with how easy it is to use the site and access the material. The support she offered was 5 star! Tamara responded very quickly to questions and made complicated things easy!

I know now that Tamara will be my “go to” person for any further courses and learning. Knowing she is there is a huge relief as I know I have a safety net if I need help. A big thank you Tamara. You were instrumental in helping me seriously reduce stress levels!

Janice Tucker Qigong Teacher, Space to Relax
Molly Patrick & Luanne Teoh

If you are looking for someone to help you manage the backend of your business and help take you to the next level, Tamara is your partner.

We have been a client of Tamara’s since October last year. She is our one stop shop when it comes to helping us with business growth.In the last 5 months, this is what she has helped us with:

  • ⭐️ Migration from fragmented systems to Ontraport and a proper membership site so we can scale my membership for recurring payments, including backend set up of automation for products, emails, sales.
  • ⭐️ Helped us with a last minute launch of a digital program that brought in close to 100k in revenue and Facebook ads to drive traffic for the launch.
  • ⭐️ Continuing support for both Ontraport and our AccessAlly membership site.

She is very good at what she does and is always very dependable, ready and calm, even when shit hits the fan 🙂

Her methodical, steady and unemotional approach to business is exactly what we needed to help support us and grow our business without having to worry that the backend and systems are falling apart.

Molly Patrick & Luanne Teoh Clean Food Dirty Girl
Carren Smith

If you work with Tamara I promise, you will never look back!

You’re in the safest hands and this woman never misses a beat! By far the best I’ve worked with! You will be thrilled with the help she provides. I’m a pretty hard task master and a little hard to please but I can honestly say, I’ve never had someone so skilled and so on top of everything on my team before! She has changed my business in so many ways, I’m over the moon!

Carren Smith The Effortless Self
Rachel Anderson

Working with Tamara has been worth every penny and has made a MASSIVE difference to my business!

I decided I needed to walk the talk and focus on my strengths and use the strengths of others in areas I struggle more, so I’ve invested in working with Tamara. She holds me accountable, gives me focus, is a bouncing board for ideas and is a strong practical implementer. I’m astonished at the difference it’s made to me as a ‘one man band’ company. I worried for years I couldn’t afford it, but it’s been worth every penny and frees my time to do what I’m good at. Working with Tamara has made a MASSIVE difference to my business already: my email list has grown, I’ve got a regular communication and content plan in place, I’m getting exposure and sales.

Rachel Anderson Tea & Empathy Coaching
David Carey

Since having the Deep-Dive Marketing Intensive I have clarity on how to market my business, a growing mailing list, a sales funnel and a client base

I decided to work with Tamara when I was about to quit my job and set up my online coaching business. Since having the Deep-Dive Marketing Intensive I have clarity on how to market my business – in fact a pretty comprehensive marketing plan with timescales/volumes/values. It’s still early days since I’ve launched my career coaching business, but I already have a growing mailing list, a sales funnel and a client base. I really liked Tamara’s direct approach in recommending online products/services that are right for my business and requirements.  They will help me grow my business and enable me to upgrade when the time is right. Quite simply I could have spent months researching all the tools that I needed to automate processes, or to give my business a professional image. I would most definitely recommend Tamara to any business owner with an online presence.

David Carey Principal Trainer, People Builders
Rebekah Borucki

Finally I’m able to sit back and let someone else take the reigns with tech!

I’m not someone who usually spends money on tech support, so I was hesitant to hire help for my email – something I’ve been managing on my own since the beginning of my business. It’s only been a couple weeks since I started working with you to switch email providers to Ontraport and update my opt-ins on my website, and I can already see a huge difference in my workflow. I was so impressed with how fast, efficiently, and meticulously my accounts were handled. You thought of aspects of my processes to improve before I even mentioned them. For the first time, I was able to confidently sit back and let someone else take the reigns. I have full trust in your abilities. So much so that I’ve already started recommending you to my closest friends and business colleagues!

Rebekah Borucki BexLife
Danny Johnson

Tamara showed me how to increase my income and automate my business!

I have built a business pretty much figuring out systems as I go and it was time to upgrade. I can honestly say, I was very hesitant before hiring Tamara, because of the cost and thought that maybe I could just “figure it out on my own”. Tamara not only made my business migration to Ontraport seamless, she also answered a ton of questions I had, she never once made me feel stupid or was frustrated with my inability to understand. She demonstrated her competency in many areas and even gave me many more ideas to increase my income and created better strategies moving forward with my business. I would recommend her to anyone who doesn’t have the time or talent to learn new systems, but really needs a seamless program to automate their business. She advised some best practices that I didn’t even know that were missing in my business. My only regret is not knowing about Tamara 4 years ago when I started!!

Danny Johnson DannyJ.com
Fungai Ndemera

My business is nearly 100% automated thanks to Tamara’s knowledge of Infusionsoft and digital marketing!

I chose to work with Tamara to help with my business’ migration to Infusionsoft and to finally start making the most of the earlier investment. My system is now nearly 100% automated and I was most grateful for her help to move platforms – Tamara made the whole transition a lot easier! I like the fact that Tamara is knowledgeable in Infusionsoft and overall digital marketing techniques. Working with Tamara made my life easier and I have peace of mind that when I request some support, I am assured it will be done. I would recommend Tamara to anyone who needs to automate their online business!

Fungai Ndemera Business Coach, Fungai Ndemera
Carolina Cummins

This Marketing Strategy Session will change my business!

I have just had a marketing strategy session with Tamara and she has given me over 20 detailed points to work on, that will change the effectiveness my website has, improve the way people are called to action and are understand the benefits I am providing. I needed her help to get my online presence up and running as I do not know anything about marketing strategies, social media and linking the lot together nor do I really want to know. I can recommend Tamara highly, as she is a great resource, highly skilled and experienced, for building your online empire.

Carolina Cummins Liberating Hearts Coaching
Sharon White

Facebook Ads gave my business the exposure it needed and leads!

Thank you Tamara for once again saving me! I am a creative person and my brain loves to create, and I am in my “happy place” when I am there. However as a business owner I need analytics and details in my business, which you do so well. I want to thank you for extracting the information you needed out of my brain and turned it into a language that works in marketing campaigns. Thank you for writing up my Facebook ads and setting them up for me. I would not have been able to do it without you. It has helped get the exposure my business needed as well as getting over 2500 people on my list.

Sharon White Global Healing Exchange Founder
online business launch tools
mailchimp free training online course

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