DIY vs Hiring Help for Your WordPress Website

027 DIY vs Hiring Help Wordpress Website

If you have a WordPress website you could be in either of 3 camps: you do all your maintenance yourself, you pay someone to do everything for you, or you have a combination of the 2 options. There isn’t a right or wrong answer here, as each option has its pros and cons. Ultimately it depends on how happy you are with doing the technical work, how well you know WordPress and if you have the budget to hire help and outsource. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Do-It-Yourself vs Hiring Help

When business owners start thinking about creating a website for their business, typically they look for a website designer to create one for them. This can cause its issues – if you have a fixed budget to get your business going you could easily spend it all on just getting a website set up.

But getting a website up and online doesn’t mean your business will become successful.

You’ve just added a new website to the millions of other sites already online. One day Google will get to it and add it to the search index. But as your site has no credibility in search, ranking power, then your pages and posts won’t display high in search results.

With very little organic traffic from Google coming to your site, you need to have other forms of digital marketing in place in order to promote your business.

I’ve recently had dozens of entrepreneurs coming for my marketing strategy sessions, who are exactly in this situation.

After having spent thousands on a new website, they have zero traffic and zero growth of their email list. And what’s worse – no money left to invest in other marketing activities like Facebook Ads to attract potential clients to their site.

So hiring help can be great for your business. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever outsource!

It can help you quickly launch a new website, create beautiful visual branding and design. If you have the cashflow to support the investment and a clear plan how you will promote your website once it’s been launched – do find the right person to support you in this project.

However if you are looking at your last pot of money, and once that’s gone – you will have to get a job or take some drastic measures to make money until your business earns you an income – don’t plough it all into a new “professional” website.

There ways you can get a website up and running DIY style, or with some help and training from a marketing expert. This site can look clean and professional enough until you are ready to invest into an expert graphics designer.

Same applies to ongoing maintenance.

While you are new and not earning much – learn to do your own website maintenance. As you get busier with clients which translates into income – feel free to outsource your maintenance to experts.

What’s WordPress Maintenance?

If the concept of website design is usually pretty straight-forward even for those who are new to digital marketing, website maintenance can be more difficult to explain.

Typically website maintenance will include the following tasks, some of them can be included in your hosting plan, while others you need to do yourself.

  • Update WordPress versions
  • Update plugins and theme as new versions come out
  • Create regular backups of the website and database
  • Check website for malicious code and viruses
  • Remove spam
  • Monitor and remove any broken links between pages, posts and to external resources
  • Track performance using Google Analytics
  • Ensure that sitemap is working properly
  • Ensure that the site has a full security solution configured
  • Optimise database to speed up the website
  • Review and remove unnecessary plugins and files
  • Add new plugins and functionality as required
  • Monitor uptime of the hosting (% of time the server is up and working)
  • Monitor and resolve and problems search engines might have with indexing and accessing the site

On top of that more “technical” list, there are usual tasks related to your marketing and content creation:

  • new posts and pages publication,
  • updates to existing pages,
  • adding and removing sidebar elements,
  • changes to opt-in forms and social sharing profiles,
  • adding tracking codes for marketing and advertising platforms,
  • changing design elements and graphics.

All of those tasks are covered by “maintenance”.

I’ve recently ran a free webinar on how to do your own maintenance and easily look after all the technical aspects, even if you don’t consider yourself very technical.

You are welcome to download the slides below.

If you’d like to access the video, plus videos for other trainings, workshops, webinars, download ebooks, checklists and resources – I would invite you to join Virtual Marketing Academy. Just click the link to find out more about the membership.

But what if you know what you need to do, but don’t want to do it? Or don’t know what to do and don’t event want to learn?

Well if your business allows you to invest into hiring help, we’ve recently launched WordPress Support Packages to suit different needs. The Basic package just covers the automated tasks like the list above. While the Premium package also includes unlimited WordPress hands-on jobs and support – like the second list above. Click here to find out more and if you would like to get one for your site – you can sign up online.

Over to you…

Have you had bad experience with hiring help for your website? Or a really good experience with outsourcing, and what made it stand out for you? Do you maintain your own WordPress website or do you hire help? Share your stories in comments below.

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Thanks for reading!

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