Case Study: Starting Your Coaching Business Right From The Beginning (David Carey)

Case Study: Starting Your Coaching Business Right From The Beginning (David Carey)

Recently I completed a 3 months coaching program with David Carey, founder of the People Builders career coaching company. We started working together with a Deep-Dive VIP Marketing Strategy Day, and the coaching support was included as part of the service. Afterwards we met on Skype to chat about launching an online business right from the beginning, marketing strategy, having a clear plan of what to do when, and what’s it like now for his business.

What was it like before we started working together?

I’ve literally just started my business, I had an idea that I nurtured for a while, but I didn’t really know how to go about promoting it. In the old days there’d be the Chamber of Commerce, and there’d be some Networking Groups to meet people and talk to them, and partly through that, the word gets out in business. But I knew thing have changed dramatically, and what I was looking for was someone to help me, to get an online strategy together, to get a marketing plan together. So I could communicate to the world about my products and services.

I needed someone with experience. I subscribed to Tamara, to yourself, for about five, six, probably seven years. So, there’s a lot of credibility, I knew you were around, what you were offering out there, the support you gave to other clients—I looked at testimonials—and I was really happy to put myself in your hands to help me develop a marketing plan, and develop my products and services to broadcast out to the word.

What challenges did you run into while starting your business?

When you start a business, it’s relatively simple. You know, there’s a legal side that you can get help when asking to get this setup with HMRC and to get a limited [company] setup but I think the key issue for me is how do you actually market it effectively.

There are things you can do, and you think “I’m really connected to social media, I’ll broadcast to all my friends and my family”. But, it’s about being more targeted about your marketing, and it’s about identifying those populations, and doing what I call ‘champion and challenge your marketing,’ so you’re looking at different strategies for different people you’re trying to reach, and how you can actually reach them in the most effective way.

And I had an understanding of that through reading a lot of books, and talking to people, but I didn’t have any experience of that, and that’s why I decided to put myself in the hands of an approved online strategist.

What made you choose to want to work with Tamara?

Well, I did explore other options, and I also did background checks on a number of people that were given to me or I just researched. With the search facilities and the web mainly it’s amazing how many people pop up as options. But, I think, for me, I like to do business with people that I’ve known for a period of time.

I also have a very simple way of working, and it has be quite structured as well. And what impressed me with working with yourself, Tamara, was that you were able to give me what I thought was structure around what I needed; so, templates I could fill in, resources like online surveys that I entered my responses to. And that gave me a sense that you were about to collate that, and then come back with a proposition, which was really what I wanted, but I probably couldn’t articulate in one or two sentences.

What results have you achieved so far?

With the early days of my business, in terms of the marketing strategy, one thing is really clear, I now actually have a marketing plan, and for someone that’s got a bit of a background in project management like myself, I need a plain.

I put that into my planner, so I know each week, and building each week into each month, and working backwards to each day, the things I should be doing. So, it actually helped promote my business using a number of different channels.

Asides giving me structure about my marketing, I know I can then firstly service my customers, because it’s important as I’m working with clients on a daily basis, but also work towards an end goal.

I’m new to Twitter, for instance, I’m amazed how many people have started to follow me on Twitter. People I can’t work out where the connection is, but obviously, through my network and theirs. I blog each week at the moment. I have a newsletter I’m publishing each month, and we’ve recently had a newsletter out.

What have you learned from us working together?

The number one thing has got to be that one size doesn’t fit all, and one strategy doesn’t suit all. I’m really clear—and I’ve used technology for a number of years, and I have quite an awareness around social media, but Tamara’s really open my eyes out to the fact that you need to do a number of different campaigns. You need to use different channels in different ways to actually find and reach the audience who are interested, who are potential clients for you in your products and services. And that’s my key learning in here, I really didn’t fully appreciate that.

I know that it’s quite an enormous task, and certainly not a task I want to do on my own. I needed someone with the knowledge and the skills, and the long term experience of doing it. I really didn’t appreciate the nuances about having different campaigns, different strategies, running at the same time, to actually get to different populations of people.

What would you say to someone thinking about working with Tamara?

I think the first thing is you’re a very engaging person. Working with you and James has just been quite a pleasure, it’s actually quite fun. It’s not hard and fast as you just deliver this and go away. What I found is that I have a few questions since we started working together, and certainly after my website and my marketing plan were into full flow, I had other questions, and they were responded to. So, it isn’t the case of you moving on to another client, and therefore I was knocking about, and you were still open to those.

I do like the engagement, and I do like the fact that we can converse any time, you give me tips at any time. Just having that shoulder to cry on as well as in the early days I wasn’t sure about a couple things, and it’s really nice having that experience of having someone who’s willing to listen to me and give honest feedback.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Tamara, it’s been a real pleasure. It has really has been a breeze. I really didn’t know a few months ago what I wanted in terms of my website, my marketing plan. I knew about my products and services, and I knew about people I was targeting them at.

But you helped me get towards those people, and in growing numbers, are get towards those clients, and now I’m taking people from prospects to clients quite easily, because we got an effective plan in place.

Over to you…

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