The 6-Figure Business Success Strategy + Meet me in LA

Just imagine…

… you start your work day and you know EXACTLY what you need to do, when, why and how in order to grow your business.

You aren’t floundering and aimlessly scrolling through social. You aren’t tempted by yet another webinar or a shiny-new-PDF-that-promises-it-all gimmick. You don’t waste your time hanging in Facebook Groups tricking yourself that you “might get clients from this one day”.

… you look at your diary for the week ahead.

It’s filled with meetings to get podcast recordings with influencers you’ve been admiring for years, it’s got a manageable number of 1-2-1 sessions with your dream clients that are a pleasure to work with, it’s got time allocated for new product and content creation… all the things you love doing day in and out!

Imagine… looking at your bank balance and feeling happy and proud that yes, you’ve done it, you’ve made to 6 figures and beyond.

You’ve earned this year way more than you did last year…. and now – the sky’s the limit for badass kickass entrepreneur like you!

Your business besties admire you and support you. You can travel to conferences, events and masterminds that look so interesting and inspirational and money is no longer an excuse why you can’t afford something.

Actually now that your business is making a steady profit each and every month you can afford a lot. A new website, gorgeous new photoshoot, hiring a team so it’s not just you-you-you to deal with the minutiae, new equipment and laptops, travel first class, cover-page-ready new wardrobe, private school for your kids… whatever you can dream of – you can actually just go and get it. How awesome would that be right?

Imagine… You have a plan, a clear strategy that’s proven to work time and time again.

So you feel on purpose, in control of your business, you see a clear simple path ahead to reach the success and impact you’ve been dreaming about for your business.

You aren’t alone either – if you hit even the smallest roadblock you have a trusted mentor you can call upon who’d swoop in with her magic blocks-clearing-broom and voila… your path is shining bring ahead of you again!

Just imagine… how much easier, faster and infinitely more successful you’d be if ONLY this was true!

But guess what….

You CAN have it all.

It’s not too difficult and it doesn’t take too long. You don’t need to be super creative, or techy, or have a massive team to support you. You don’t need a massive following on social or a shop-ful of products for sale on your website.

Many of my successful clients started like this – and took their business to 6 figures and beyond in only a few months!

But it does require a step-by-step proven process you can follow to achieve these kind of results. Not just spray and pray approach. Not let’s try and see what happens. Not I’ll work harder than anyone and get there someday.

I mean…. if that’s what you want – great! You can continue doing whatcha doing right now and I’ll see you on a sunny gorgeous beach in 10+ years. Because working harder doesn’t mean working SMARTER.

And that’s what it’s all about – work smart, get results fast, achieve your dreams and do it all over again for the next level!

Are you with me on this?

If yes… boy do I have an offer for you!!!

For the first time EVER I’m offering VIP Intensive Days in the sunny LA this September!

If you are based on the US or Canada (or fancy coming over there for this) then this is the perfect opportunity to work with me 1-2-1 to get this step-by-step 6-figure business strategy created for YOUR BUSINESS. Unique, proven, strategic, practical, no-BS, actionable.

The VIP Intensives are customised to your needs and your business and no two are the same. We’ll meet for a day of masterminding, training and complete overhauling of what your business can achieve as soon as Christmas 2017. You’ll leave with a Swarovski-sparkling clarity and mission, action plan to implement right away, unstoppable momentum to take your business into the fast lane!

And that’s not all… because you will also get before and after coaching, access to tech training in the VMA Insider, direct access to me and my team, and implementation done-for-you VA hours (who said you’ll be left on your own to do the dirty?) to sky-rocket the implementation of your 6-figure launch strategy.

You’ll emerge from this experience with:

  • a business plan to take your business to 6 figures and beyond
  • a written, designed and built sales funnel that can convert leads into clients on autopilot day after day
  • a clear-cut understanding of what you need to do to grow your business and achieve your goals
  • a bespoke product strategy so that you can leverage your income beyond just 1-2-1 services or coaching
  • a Facebook marketing strategy to attract your ideal clients that’s proven to convert
  • a lead magnet (or two) designed to help you convert visitors to your website into leads
  • a fully planned big launch to really put your business on the map and create the unstoppable momentum
  • excitement and joy of what’s in store for your business, once you are not playing small or procrastinating because you are not sure what to do!

Want in?

Here’s how it works.

1. Click here to pay a deposit of $500.

Yes there is a deposit. I only want serious committed business owners on this who are tired of going 3 steps forward, 2 steps back all the time on their business. It’s refundable if we mutually decide it’s not the right fit for your business and the VIP Intensive will not help you achieve your goals. I wouldn’t take you on if I don’t 100% believe I can help you, that’s just not what this is about!

2. We meet for a Discovery Call.

On the call we’ll review where your business is at the moment, what you want to achieve next, who you want to attract and if this VIP Intensive in LA will be the best match.

3. If we decide to go ahead – the balance of $4000 is due.

If we decide to part ways your deposit will be immediately refunded. Otherwise you’ll need to pay the balance for this immersive and life-changing experience (yes I could offer you an instalment plan between now and September if this helps).

4. You get your Welcome Pack with all the details.

Finally… you are in! We confirm your VIP Day date, times, location, and dive in into prep work, coaching and boom! that dream of a Fiji vacation is no longer a distant “I wish it was me” idea 🙂

Just imagine… EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted your business to be, feel, do and have is only ONE DECISION away.

One decision to stop playing small, saying YES to yourself and your dreams, investing into a proven strategy and methods to achieve the results you want, committing to taking action and working on the stufff that really matters.

Are you ready to make this decision today?

I really hope so. I’m saying YES to you even if you are not quite sure where it will lead next.

Click here to pay the deposit and I’ll be in touch right away to book your Discovery Call.

I mean… what have you got to lose at this stage except fear?

To your wildest dreams made possible,

Tamara xo

P.S. Want the short version of this?

I’m offering a brand-new VIP experience to a select group of entrepreneurs who are committed to take action and take their business to the next level. It includes a VIP Intensive Day in LA in September, before and after coaching, training courses and programs, done-for-you tech VA hours, access to me directly.

All you have to do is pay a $500 deposit here before we meet for a Discovery Call to review if this offer is the right fit for your business. If I don’t think I can help – I’ll refund your deposit immediately. Otherwise we’ll proceed and get your booked for one of the limited and coveted spots available for September.

It’s as riskLESS as it can be for both you and me. If you are ready to say YES! to your business, your dreams and your mission in this world – click here to put down the deposit and let’s rock it baby!

See you in LA!

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