The Anatomy of a High-Converting Facebook Ad

The Anatomy of a High-Converting Facebook Ad

With all the talk recently about using Facebook Ads to power your online business and launches, today I wanted to share with you the anatomy of a Facebook Ad that converts.

Over the years I’ve personally spent thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads, I’ve worked with over 100 clients, and I’ve always found Facebook Ads to be the most cost-effective option of generating leads and clients.

The ad-converting formula looks like this:

Quality Images + Targeted Copy + Actionable CTAs = Quality Low-Cost Leads

And below you can find a quick guide on how to write ads that work using this formula!



This ad generated 1881 conversions for $1735 ($0.92/lead).

The Image

The image is quite striking with the orange circle really standing out in the newsfeed. The colours also compliment each other with the magazine cover.

The picture shows users something tangible they can get when they sign up, as if they are actually going to receive a physical magazine delivered.

The green trees background creates the holistic/wellness feel for the ad and also offsets magazine and call to action circle even more.

So when you are creating your ad images you need to make sure that you have an image that:

  1. Catches attention visually ad isn’t overloaded with details
  2. Has a direct call to action in it
  3. Matches the offer that you’re driving people to

Text Above The Image

Alternative Medicine vs Traditional Medicine – what will you choose? Find the answer in the new FREE Holistic Living Magazine – sign up today for your copy!

The text opens with a question to create curiosity and capture attention. The question is also related to one of the articles in the magazine, and to something the target audience is already thinking about.

So when you write your ad copy, you want to really understand what your ideal audience is struggling with, what questions they have unanswered in their head.

In the second part of the text, I go on to tell them how they can find the answer to this question. This is also my call to action – sign up for your copy today!

They also see that it’s a free magazine – mention this if your offer is free too.

The Headline & Link Description

Under the image you have the headline for the actual link. I always make sure this is a strong and to the point call to action like, “Get your (insert offer name) now.”

By including another call to action that’s shown in bigger and bolder font on Facebook you are increasing chances of people clicking through to get your offer, even if they didn’t bother reading the copy at the top.

Link description isn’t actually shown on this ad because it only ran on mobiles.

You can keep the description short and simple, by giving another benefit of signing up for your offer. Or you can simply out a space there and leave it out (space will ensure Facebook won’t automatically pull in page description/some random text).

If you are only running ads on mobile, right-hand column or Instagram – you can omit this field all together. If your ads work better on Desktop – then include a short description.

Finally you can also add a call to action button (Sign Up in this case).

You can choose from several options like Download (if you are offering a PDF to download), Sign up, Learn More, Book Now, Shop Now.

Learn More so far is the highest converting button of them all, however for some markets using a button will actually decrease your conversions. So you can test one ad with a button, and one ad without a button – to see if you get a different result.


To sum up all the points, we’ve talked about the 3 key features of a high-converting Facebook Ad:

  1. Striking quality Image
  2. Targeted to clients’ needs Text above the image
  3. Simple to the point Call to Action in Headline, Description and Call To Action Button

When you think through and optimise all of these features, you end up with a low-cost high-converting Facebook ad that can generate leads, website visitors, clients, revenue.

Good luck!

Tamara x

P.S. You can get my 1-2-1 help and feedback on your Facebook Ads via Facebook Mentoring services, click here to learn more.

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