Tamara Baranova Online Business Strategist

Hi! I'm Tamara šŸ™‚

Are you looking to break free from indecision gridlock, ditch the technology overwhelm and FINALLY get your brilliant idea into the world?


As an online business strategist, I offer real, hands-on, step-by-step strategy creation and implementation, not some copycat advice or let's-see-what-happens tactics.

My proven marketing approach makes you money & allows you to make the bigger impact in the world you were so far only dreaming about.

Are you dreaming about moving away from trading time-for-money, working all hours but not being able to reach the income you'd like?

Have you got your brand set up online, with content and amazing resources your clients would love, yet no one can find you?

Are you overwhelmed by all of the resources and online marketing tricks out there, but you donā€™t know what to choose or where to start in order to launch your online course?

What you need is a strategy... an proven onlineĀ strategy. I help female entrepreneurs in the services industry struggling with overwhelm build authentic business online, while gaining freedom and success in the process.

If you are tired of feeling stuck and need support with building a profitable online business so that you can see results FASTER, you are in the right place.

Through modern marketing techniques, effective business systems, and the right online tools I can help you achieve your BIG GOALS.

Want to know more? Read my fullĀ story below or click here to book a time to speak to me directly about your business and your dreams!

My Personal Mission

  • My WHY

    I believe in equal opportunities regardless of your roots. I believe in global education and knowledge sharing between communities. I believe that with the right training, the right support, and the right tools – everyone can achieve success and financial stability. And when you achieve success – it starts the ripple effect in your family, your community, your area. Plus as you deliver a valuable service or product to your customers – you are changing their lives for the better as well. And this will keep spreading and growing, changing our whole world to be a happier, greener and fairer place for our children.

  • My WHAT

    The easiest and most flexible way today to achieve success and financial freedom is by building a profitable online business. According to Forbes, the online education industry was set to be over $107 billion in 2015 – and it will keep growing. So building an online business teaching others useful skills and sharing knowledge you have is the most reliable way today to achieve financial freedom. With more and more people joining the Internet and looking for information, coupled with cheaper and easier to use technology, we as business owners are in the best position so far in history to quickly launch a business, reach thousands and millions all over the world, and make a real difference. And this is exactly what I can help you achieve.

  • My HOW

    My clients have creative ideas, valuable products and services, innovative ways of solving problems. What they are lacking is visibility and reach. Growing your business is no longer just about throwing some stuff on social media. Or pumping a few thousands into Facebook Ads. Or going to a local networking group. Although these opportunities could be valuable and cannot be discounted – they only work when your business has the right Strategy for growth, implemented in the right order, using the best-suited tools and systems, targeting the most likely to buy customers. I help my clients launch and grow profitable online businesses by helping them turn their expertise and knowledge into sold-out ecourses and products.

Tools & Systems I Use (if you are wondering!)

  • Websites & Landing pages

    • WordPress (OptimizePress, Thrive, Divi, custom coding)
    • LeadPages
    • Instapage
    • ClickFunnels
    • OntraForms and OntraPages
    • Membership sites: Zippy Courses, Instamember, iMember, OptimizeMember, WishList Member
  • Email marketing & CRM

    • Infusionsoft
    • Ontraport
    • Simplero
    • Active Campaign
    • MailChimp
    • AWeber
    • Constant Contact
    • GetResponse
    • Capsule CRM
  • Online Business Systems

    • Project management: Asana,Ā Basecamp,Ā Trello
    • Diary: Calendly, ScheduleOnce, Acuity
    • SamCart
    • WooCommerce
    • Stripe/PayPal
    • GetDPD
    • Lucid Charts
    • Dropbox, Amazon S3
    • Forms: SurveyMonkey, JotForm, Wufoo
    • Google Apps
  • Funnels & Promotional Tools

    • GoToWebinar
    • WebinarJam and EverWebinar
    • EasyWebinar
    • Zoom
    • Video and audio editing (Adobe Tools)
    • Photoshop
    • Facebook Ads
    • Google Ads
    • SEO keywords research
    • Social media: Edgar, HootSuite, Buffer
    • Online research tools

My Personal Story

Tamara and James in Moscow

With business we travelled all over Europe!

Originally from Estonia and Russia, IĀ came toĀ the UK inĀ 2003 to join my mom who got a consulting gig in a London firm. A year later my mom, who was my rock, my support system, my role model and my greatest cheerleader got diagnosed with cancer. Like Steve Jobs she got the nastiest version - pancreas. Unlike Steve Jobs she only lasted 4 months.

I was faced with a major choice - quit my study and go back to Russia, to be with my dad. Or - hustle and juggle everything to make it on my own, for the first time in my life, in a strange new country.

3 years later I graduated with a first class degree in Computing from London Metropolitan University and a fast-rising career inĀ large blue-chip companies in the City - all while studying for that said degree.

IĀ gotĀ certified as a Project Manager (PRINCE2) and delivered internal IT infrastructure projects with up to Ā£500K budgets. Project office environment was like sea for a dolphin. I loved the fast-paced delivery schedules, juggling multiple deadlines, co-ordinating people and resources, thinking 3 steps ahead, and emerging on the other side on top of things!

But I never fullyĀ fitted in. I didn't like the commute and the daily grind of the corporate routine. I wanted more learning opportunities. I craved variety and challenge. I dreamed about being my own boss, just like my mom used to be.

Home office Tamara

My first home office!

In 2007 I came across the idea of working as a virtual assistant and helping small business owners run a more efficient and more profitable business. After some initial research TJConsulting was launched in November 2007.

Like with many business, the first year was spent on me learning how to actually run a business as opposed to working for someone. 6 months later I quit my job and dived in full time to work with my first few clients, to network, and to discover what I really wanted to do!

Another year on and my life partner James became my business partner taking over more routine jobs of website maintenance, coding, testing, and making sure all things web were just right for our clients.

Fast forward to 2012 and we had a busy bustling award-winning 6-figure business. I admit I got comfortable. And I took the foot off the pedal with marketing as things were good, stable, and rolling along. We had our 3rd child, moved to Wisbech, I passed my driving test (3rd time lucky!), and did other things in between like qualifying as a school teacher (Maths if you'd like to know).

The little house of cards tumbled around me in December 2014. Our largest client pulled the rug and hired an internal development/marketing team. Suddenly over 80% of planned workload (and income!) disappeared. Things looked bleak, I'll admit. So it was time for a Business Reboot 2.0 and another period of hustling!

Happy Tamara

It's great when things are going well in your business!

In December 2014 I invoiced the pitiful Ā£519. Less than what our core business expenses were at the time. In December 2015 our sales were over Ā£10,820. Yes, that's 20x growth within one year.

How did I do this? I applied what I knew and what I was already successfully doing for clients: building sales funnels, investing time and money to build my email list, running webinars every 2 weeks, blogging, etc. I can share this process with you so that you can achieve great results too!

Today Iā€™m still responsible for business development, networking and client care. I love social media marketing and running PPCĀ ads (as it involves a perfect balance of creativity and analytics), learning about new developments in the world of IT, launching online businessesĀ and meeting new people online and offline.

Iā€™m a mom of 3 kids (Ellie and Michael a.k.a. Mish and Alice), living in small market town in Fenland, near Cambridge.

Iā€™m learning about gardening and growing own vegetables when the weather is nice. And do Zumba, yoga and swimming when itā€™s rainy or cold.

Tamara family

My whole family! šŸ™‚

My Other Brands

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