7 Reasons Why Facebook Post Boosting Is A Great Strategy To Use

Boosted post is a normal post from your Facebook Page that’s now an ad. You simply click a blue button at the bottom of the post, choose your audience and budget – and voila… it’s now boosted.

A boosted post will say sponsored at the top and will have more of a priority to be shown to your audience as opposed to a non-boosted, organic post on your Page.

Watch the video for a short tutorial on boosting:

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation about ads out there. Here’s a quick 101 on boosting…

1) You can boost posts but there’s a catch.

It’s not a waste of time or money if used effectively as part of your wider marketing strategy and you understand why and what to boost.

  • Good posts to boost: links to your blog, sales page, offers, Facebook live replays, webinar reminders, special announcements you want more fans to see, competitions.
  • Don’t boost: pics with inspirational quotes, biz tips, lots of text. Articles that point to a website you don’t control (with some exceptions). Things you post just for fun. Things you post that don’t have a clear call to action (read the blog, watch the video, go to this page, remember the event, enter the competition)

2) Your audience isn’t limited to Fans.

You can boost to a saved audience with detailed targeted parameters or to your fans or fans and friends.

Once people engage with your posts they can be then retargeted with a different ad (for a lead magnet for example). So they are now your “warm audience”.

In some competitive markets, this is a great strategy to turn cold audiences of people who have never heard about you into warm audiences who follow your business.

3) Facebook guidelines change rapidly.

In my opinion any Facebook advertising info more than 1 year old shouldn’t be trusted blindly.

Facebook’s system is changing almost daily at the moment.

What worked 3 years ago doesn’t always work today… and vice versa. Hence a lot of older articles online about how boosting is so evil are no longer current today!

That’s exactly why I’m updating and remaking all my Facebook training at the moment. You might have seen the news here.

4) Your boosting objectives are more varied.

You can still boost post to get engagement (likes, comments, shares) – which was the only option in the past.

You can also now also boost to get clicks (if it’s a link post for your blog) – or to get video views (if you are boosting a Facebook live replay for example).

5) Track results that matter.

If you have the Facebook pixel installed on the website and you are boosting a link to the blog on that website you can still track conversions as a result of the boost (optins, sales, enquiries).

Sometimes boosting can generate better results than a traditional dark post campaign.

6) Boosting can be used at scale.

Dark posts are useful for creating large scale campaigns when you don’t want to bombard your fans with posting 100s of variations of a similar post to your page for them to see. Otherwise, you can even use a post from your page in a campaign – in a way that’s still boosting…

7) Boosting is very easy

You don’t need to learn about Power Editor or advanced Facebook strategies and ads campaigns. Hence it’s always been popular amongst page admins. Once you have the right targeting saved as audiences there is no reason why you can boost key posts to get more engagement from fans.

And now here’s a bonus tip…

The more engaging your Page is for fans the better ROI you can get on your large-scale ad campaigns.

And boosting (along with video, especially live video) are great strategies to build engagement with your fans in the highly-competitive and overcrowded newsfeed!

Happy boosting!

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