The 3 Common Mistakes That Can Kill Your Online Business

The 3 common mistakes that can kill your online business

In the past couple of month I’ve ran just over 60 Marketing Discovery sessions.

And I’m telling you this for 3 reasons.

First of all, online marketing and online funnels WORK. That’s exactly how those lovely peeps (and you might have been one of them!) have heard about me and got interested to book a time to speak to me.

Secondly, having funnels in place is profitable. You do the marketing leg-work of setting things up and planning it out once, and then the system keeps running and generating leads and sales for you.

Finally, absolute majority of people have been making at least one of the 3 most common mistakes online business owners make (at least those I’ve spoken to so far).

These 3 mistakes are really simple to address…

But unless you do – they can cripple the growth of your business.

It’s nothing to do with traffic.

Or investing into a fancy software.

Or hiring the best designer for your website (to be honest you don’t even need a website to start an online business today!).

So I went ahead and created a video tutorial to walk you through each of the mistakes, how to solve them and therefore – grow your business online.

You can watch the tutorial here.

Leave me a comment on the page – if you liked it, which of the 3 mistakes applied to your business, and how you will go about solving it!

Of course your questions are most welcome too πŸ™‚

So click here to watch the tutorial – and let’s get rid of these conversion-killers together!

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