20 Free Tools To Create a Lead Magnet Your Audience Will Love

20 Free Tools To Create a Lead Magnet Your Audience Will Love

For coaches and consultants a Lead Magnet is a free piece of content or advice that you share with your audience in exchange for their contact details. If your Lead Magnet is well matched to what your audience wants and needs – they will be signing up in 100s or 1000s to receive this information. So growing your email list, filling your funnels, selling out services and products will become easier.

However you also need to remember that the perfect Lead Magnet is not just something your audience wants and needs. It’s something that’s aligned with your business. Therefore the audience you attract are actually the people you can and want to work with.

The key to growing your list (and your business) is to provide value in every interaction. Value helps your audience achieve small wins and results. Results will position you as an expert and will build trust in you and your brand.

So how can you ensure from the outset that the Lead Magnet you are about to create is going to be valuable for your audience?

How To Create a Lead Magnet Your Audience Loves

1) Stay focussed.

Focuses on one result. Take one problem your audience faces and create a lead magnet that will help them solve it.

2) Immediate and easy to access.

Your Lead Magnet needs to be delivered straight away by email or by directing leads to a page where they can watch and/or download your Lead Magnet. Scheduling a call with you or buying something from you are not Lead Magnets to attract cold traffic leads to your business.

3) Quick to review and apply.

Your ideal Lead Magnet can be consumed quickly. Since the prospect does not know you yet, does not trust you, does not have a good reason why they need to spend their valuable time on you, they are unlikely to fully engage with a long ebook, long challenges or multi-step ecourses.

4) Lead to the next thing.

After you’ve answered one question or solved that one problem, your effective Lead Magnet will lead to another question. After you’ve built some trust that you can help your prospects, you can seed the idea that you can also solve the bigger problem they need help solving.

By keeping these four tips in mind while creating your Lead Magnet, you will be much more successful growing your email list.

So now that you’ve planned your Lead Magnet and decided what you will include, let’s create a lead magnet.

20 Free Tools to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

Create a lead magnet as an e-book, guide, or checklist:

1. Canva – my favourite easy-to-use design tool for even the most design challenged 🙂

2. Keynote or PowerPoint to create beautiful ebooks or slides for a video.

3. Freemind – mindmaps are a great way to visually break down a more complicated topic.

4. Draw.io – a simple flow chart creator to show all steps in a process.

5. PDFescape – allows you to convert your PDF into an editable PDF with form fields added to it, to create an online worksheet or workbook.

Create a lead magnet as a video:

6. Record your screen while showing slides together with your voice using Screencast-o-Matic tool.

7. Use your smartphone or computer to create a short straight-to-camera video.

8. Use Jing to create an 5-minute screencast video.

9. Videos can be hosted on Wistia privately, so that they don’t get shared around the Internet without joining your list first.

Create a lead magnet as an audio:

10. With a free conference calling service like FreeConferenceCall.com you can record yourself as a podcast or interviews with yourself/others.

11. Use your phone or computer to record audio (there are many free audio apps available).

12. Audio can be edited with GarageBand (now free on Mac) or Audacity (free on PC) – or hire someone for $5 from Fiverr to do the job for you.

Create a lead magnet as a survey or a quiz:

13. The easiest way to create a quiz or a survey is to create it in MS Office (or similar Mac tools), then export to PDF and have the prospect self-score.

14-15. If you’d like for it to be more automated, you can build your quiz using an online form like Typeform or JotForm.

16. If your site is powered with WordPress then there are many plugins that can create quizzes. A free one to try is SS Quiz. But the one I really like is Viral Quiz Builder (not free, but only $39).

Get pictures for your lead magnets:

17. Pixabay.com has thousands of great free photos you can use (be sure to check the terms on any photo you download). More sites can be found here.

18. Bottledvideo.com has stock video footage.

19. Soundcloud.com has a group especially for royalty free music.

20. CreativeMarket.com has a weekly selection of free goodies including images, designs, fonts etc. So stay on the list – and keep an eye on those emails to see freebies you like.

And some bonus tools:

21. Dropbox – can be used to store your lead magnet files and a link to those files can be then shared with those who sign up. You can add the link into a confirmation email and/or on the confirmation web page. Other online file sharing options are here.

22. MailChimp – you can start with building your email list for free with MailChimp (although my recommendation is to go with the paid account from the beginning at just $9 to have access to all features).

23. PopupAlly Plugin – once your lead magnet is ready you will need to place optin forms all over your website to give visitors an opportunity to sign up. Here’s my review of this plugin and why I love it so much!

24. Evernote – I find it very useful to collate ideas, research, screen shots, design notes, inspiration from all other the web. So when it comes to creating a new leadnet for my business – the information is right there at my fingertips.

How did you create your lead magnet? Do you have any favourite resources you would like to recommend and add to my list? Share them in the comments below!

  • Great list! I love how many options we have to create a lead magnet. I personally use pixabay for my photos too.

    • Tamara Baranova

      Thanks! I often buy from Creative Market or 123rf as well. I loved DollarPhotoClub site until they closed it down recently 🙁