7 Myths About Successful Online Courses

7 Myths About Successful Online Courses

You might have that great ideal for a new online course you could create and teach to 100s or 1000s of students. But you have doubts and fears. “What if”‘s and “yes but”‘s are holding you back. Many of these are super-common and I come across them time and time again during the free Marketing Discovery sessions. And fortunately – they aren’t true! So let’s clear out those gremlins to help you see with clarity how you can create your very own passive-income-online-course.

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1. It’s Too Complicated to Figure Out the Technology.

My online mentor and founder of Bschool Marie Forleo often says: “Everything is figure-outable.” This is especially true when it comes to technology today.

There are so many easy to use tools, some are even free – allowing you to publish and sell your online courses. Yes you still have the option of building a custom membership site and hiring a team to create a bespoke design. But when you are first getting started it’s far more important to test your idea and your marketing funnel – will your product sell at a profit? And believe me here – all the bells and whistles, branding and design – are not going to make a marked difference during your first launch.

So what tools can you check out for your easy-to-launch tech-free course? ClickFunnels offers you both landing page, sales pages, and membership sites (but is more costly). While Teachable and Thinkific are specifically learning platforms without many extra features but even offer a free plan.

2. I’m Not An Expert To Teach This!

Want to know my secret? I feel this same thing VERY often.

I’m sure there many people right now in the world who know even more than me about marketing, funnels, Facebook, traffic, social media etc. I’m 100% confident there are designers who are far better than me at designing websites. Or using WordPress.

So does it mean I should just shut down my business and go wallow in the corner? Of course not.

There is no expert magic dust that will make your THE expert in something. You could get certified in something (marketing, coaching, design, IT) or you might simply rely on your experience and track record. It doesn’t matter whether you have a PhD or are a college dropout (think about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zukerberg).

What is something that YOU have done (or taught others to do) and gotten results that you can teach other people? If you know more about something than other people – you are already an expert in this area for them!

3. I’m Brand-New And Have No Audience.

It’s totally possible to build an email list of the RIGHT people when you have no audience, build an amazing relationship with them (and FAST) and then create & sell them the RIGHT course. You don’t have to have a gazillion fans on Facebook, or thousands of people on your email list. You can start promoting a selling your ecourse with the right sales funnel – from Day 1.

Of course I must put a disclaimer here – I can’t guarantee that you will make sales and have a profitable product. I have no idea who you are, my dear reader, at the time of writing this! But if you have specific questions about launching your course, you can book a free Marketing Discovery session with me here, and I’ll be able to give you more personalised advice for your business idea.

4. Someone Got The Same Idea Already And Launched It First.

And you know what? It’s great!

If they are selling successfully their course – it means there is market for this training. It means people are interested in this topic enough to PAY for this sort of training. (This is actually one of the first steps in the initial Market Research you’ll be doing when working with me to create your online course)

Plus they are not YOU. With your unique style, your take on the topic, your experience, your background, your care studies and examples, your way of structuring the topic and teaching it.

Some people will resonate more with your way of teaching than others. Some might need to hear the idea several times before they can implement it. Some might like to work with you more than someone else because they will feel like you are “one of them” more than others.

In short, ideas are often not unique. But your execution will make it unique and different.

5. Course Creation Will Take Too Much Time!

Let’s be honest with ourselves here for a second. You, and me, and Richard Branson, and Marie Forleo, and Frank Kern, and Dalai Lama, and Oprah – we ALL have the same 24 hours in each day. That’s 1440 minutes.

Yes you’ll spend some of that on sleeping, eating, working, playing with your kids (or pets), cooking and cleaning.

But even if you can only set aside 15 minutes each and every day to work on your Course – you’ll be making progress. After just 1 month those 15 min/day will add up to a cool 7.5 hours – and that’s a whole working day!

So in 99% of cases – you do have time. It’s just the matter of priorities and being organised with how you spend the time you have.

Now how long will the course creation take? This depends on the type of course you want to build. A small course like my “Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint” or “Create Your First Profitable Funnel” (which are available in the Shop here) can be written, filmed and put together in 1 day.

Larger courses like MailChimp Success Formula, Bschool, my clients’ ALIVE Program or Boudoir Photography Workshop – take a lot longer to create. But if this is your first course – my recommendation is to start small and test your market and idea first.

5 steps to profitable funnel

6. My Course Has to Be Perfect Before I Press GO.

Worrying about perfection is very common, and not just when talking about online course creation. Now of course you’d want your course to be complete, provide value, look professional. But there is a difference between looking clean and professional and letting perfectionism get in the way of launching.

Take a step back and consider:

  • are you delaying your launch while you are redoing your PDFs for the 10th time because the design “wasn’t right”?
  • are you rebranding your whole course before you’ve even launched it and made a profit?
  • are you re-filming the same video because you just didn’t like how you sounded, or you’ve made too many pauses and ummm’s (which is more than zero)?
  • are you changing over your course platform, again, because the ones you’ve tried so far just weren’t 100% what you wanted, or didn’t let you customise EVERY aspect of the course?

If that’s where you are… Congratulations – you are procrastinating!

You’ve found the root cause… now you can look for steps to address it.

Option 1: make a public announcement when your course is going live and ask people around you (friends, clients, fans, family) to hold you accountable.

Option 2: hire a coach to help you break through any limiting beliefs and fears you might have about launching and procrastination.

Option 3: hire an Online Business Launch Strategist (like me) to execute the launch and deal with all the tech, in order to remove yourself from areas that cause this behaviour.

But – don’t let this perfection paralysis stop you from launching your idea and your product into the world!

7. I Can’t Launch My Course Until …

Maybe you are waiting until it’s the perfect timing in the year (not a holiday, not close to a holiday, not just after a holiday, not just after something bad that happened on the news, not when it’s too hot, or too cold, or a Leap Year…). Reality check here – there is no perfect timing, you can launch at any point once you’ve decided that’s the date.

Maybe you are waiting until it’s the perfect timing for you personally (I have more time, I’ve saved some more money to spend on Ads, I’ve learned more about launching, I’ve had a baby, my kids started school, my job is less stressful…). Go back to Myth #6. Are these genuine reasons or excuses you tell yourself to avoid going live? Could it be just fear (of failure or success) that’s holding you back?

Maybe you are waiting until something else happens to enable you to launch (my blog has been featured on Huffington Post, I’ve been invited to speak to that event, I’ve received 3 more testimonials, I’ve managed to hire a great VA, my website has been moved to WordPress, I’ve changed the course platform, my list has at least 1000 people…). Again, it’s very-very likely that you can already launch and start selling your course, and all these “extras” that you are waiting on are either non-essential at all, or will help if and when they happen – but they don’t determine your success.

Of course your personal situation and a combination of factors will be unique. But my BIG request for you today is to examine those reasons objectively, as a coach would do. And call yourself on any BS and fears that are holding you back from launching!

Over To You…

Now that you’ve read more about these 7 common myths about launching an ecourse… did you identify with any? Are you struggling to overcome any of the concerns I’ve listed in this post?

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What action will you take this week, after reading this post, to launch your own course?

Tell me in comments below for some extra accountability!

And if you have friends who have been talking about launching and selling courses, but haven’t done this still – share this post with them via social media, and help them overcome these fears and concerns too!


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